Chiropractic Testimonials

"Great service, procedure was explained very well, The assistant applying the Soft Wave treatment was very professional and courteous."

- Scott W.

"Staff was awesome, very professional. And the Dr. Did my first treatment of Softwave. I was a able to stand with little pain. First treatment feel it gave better relieve. Feels so good."

- Theresa S.

"Staff was great."

- Gamini W.

"Instant relief."

- Kerry L.

"Great experience with the team. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They had me feeling better the moment I left the building and I highly recommend this place to anyone."

- David O.

"Really great experience. I’ve experienced reduced pain and discomfort in my shoulder after treatments. Excellent staff!"

- Kevin C.

"Love this family."

- Linda C.

"Timely, friendly with great relief!!!"

- Cheryl O.

"Awesome! I just wrote a lengthy review but it didn't post, so here's the shorty. Very kind greeting, quick to be treated, nurses listened carefully and took though notes, Dr Hill was brief and to the point of what I needed, the PEMF therapy worked, and I walked out the door pain free! There was no pressure to rebook or commit to a plan or process.. they let me walk right out and call them when I'm ready. Great experience! Going back next week."

- Aaron L.

"Loved the nurses the dr was awesome! Wave treatment was almost immediate relief how to scale out of 9 to 10 in pain I was in 9 I also got rid of that and the service was a 10 out of a 10."

- Steven A.

"Very professional, courteous, and easy."

- Joseph B.

"Very relaxing place , made me feel welcome and like my problems really matter."

- Katherine D.

"I thought I would have to end up having surgery in my shoulder but with treatment I now have a better quality of life with no pain!"

- Susan R.

"The front desk staff was great to work with and the entire process was fairly streamlined."

- Steven B.

"I can't live without my biweekly visit. Has changed my quality of life! God Bless everyone who works at Dr. Hill's clinic."

- Kara R.

"Dr Hill is great, he addresses the issues I’ve been experiencing. I always get some relief after every session. And his staff is wonderful!"

- Sabrina V.

"Provider listened intently to my concerns. I felt he was able to execute a plan of care/ treatment based on my concerns and needs. I look forward to continuing treatment with him."

- Elizabeth M.

"Friendly staff."

- Valery J.

"Excellent care. Excellent staff."

- Peter D.

"Absolutely fabulous treatment medically and personally. High recommend Dr. Hill and staff medical advice/professionalism. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

- Cali S.

"The staff exemplified great service and was very informative!"

- Roslyn F.

"Very helpful. Nice office staff."

- Susan H.

"Amazing!! It’s been my ‘Go To’ Fix Me Please place!! The treatment and adjustments by Dr Hill are just such a relief when suffering pain!! Thank you team!!"

- Yeet H.

"You’re a ROCK STAR."

- Linda C.

"Very thorough and personal! Staff making sure I am comfortable throughout my procedure! I am in my 4th wk of my treatment and they have exceeded my expectations!"

- Steve F.

"Thank you."

- Luciana B.

"Excellent as always. The care and concern of Dr. Hill and staff are real and genuine."

- Rebekah M.

"I’ve had a great experience with 24 weeks of rehab and all of the staff. Dr. Hill certainly knows what he is doing as I have improved. I recommend Gulf Healthcare Chiropractic and Rehab."

- Peggy K.

"Good experience."

- Blanca R.

"Friendly, efficient and effective."

- Charles H.

"Awesome thanks."

- Linda C.

"Dr Hill is knowledgeable and has helped me be free from pain."

- Matt S.

"I really like that the doctor explained what the unit would do, and to let me know what to expect and he listens to my concerns."

- Magdalena S.

"Friendly and professional staff."

- Valery J.

"Dr. Hill is amazing!"

- Kaleigh M.

"Nothing but love for this family practice!!!"

- Linda C.

"Dr Hill always knows how to fix you! The staff are amazing as well."

- Casey W.

"Saw me immediately to make an adjustment and start treatment to help my pain."

- Tracy V.

"I love you all!!!"

- Linda C.

"Dr. Hill is the best and has changed my life living with degenerative disk disease!"

- Kara R.

"The entire team is courteous, professional and knowledgeable. The process used to treat patients is comprehensive and customized to each patients needs. The process is implemented with state of the art techniques, equipment and technology."

- Charles H.

"Friendly staff."

- Cynthia F.

"I went in for softwave therapy for my shoulder. I had just had a steroid shot the week before so Dr. Hill said therapy would not work as well since I had gotten the shot. So I will be going back in a few weeks. I was very impressed by his honesty. He said was in the business in helping patient not just making money. He could have done the treatment as many drs would have & said it would take more procedures which I’ve had done before."

- Debora S.

"A Great practice I would recommend to anyone."

- Naif H.

"I had a great experience at the clinic and would recommend them to anyone."

- Naif H.

"Very professional, compassionate and empathic staff, not to mention kind & courteous…starting with Dr. Hill, APN and all the administrative staff."

- Cali S.

"Takes good care of my back."

- Shelly P.

"Very pleasant. love Dr Hill and staff!"

- Jeanette C.

"I've been seeing Dr. Hill for a year and a half and my mobility has improved 10 fold! I can do things I haven't been able to do for 15 years!! Thank you!"

- LeeAnne A.

"Everyone was very cordial. The procedure went smoothly & I would highly recommend it to others."

- Deborah I.

"Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Unfortunately the pain relief didn’t work on my mom but I’m still glad we tried it."

- Barbara W.

"Professional very good."

- Robert M.

"Excellent check in to treatment to check out."

- Richard C.

"Mark Hill is a thorough, extremely competent chiropractor. Trust me, I’ve been to several over 57 years and in 7 cities. You will not be disappointed with the results."

- Mark I.

"In out and better!"

- Thomas D.

"I have been seeing Dr Hill for about 3 months now. When I started I could not even walk or stand up straight without pain. I have come a long way since that first appointment and it is all due to the excellent treatments I have been receiving. I would recommend Dr Hill to anyone needing chiropractic treatments."

- Janelda M.

"Very positive. Looking forward to learning more"

- Rebecca R.

"Communication of diagnoses and treatment was comforting."

- Alex S.

"Five star. Really understanding to me needs."

- Michael S.


- Peyton E.

"Great experience…everyone did a great job assessing me and dr hill is wonderful."

- Julia B.

"Very caring!!!"

- Linda C.

"Fit us in and absolutely took care of us."

- Becky H.

"I have movement back since beginning with Dr. Hill’s care some 4 or 5 years ago!"

- Kara R.

"Always on top of the latest holistical health care practices and techniques with amazing customer care and bedside manor!"

- Brooke R.

"Great, friendly staff. Clean environment. Will be back."

- Brandon C.

"Great. Helped with back pain."

- Kent M.

"Great experience very friendly and knowledgeable staff."

- Charles B.

"It was awesome."

- Yesenia L.

"Awesome work ethic with amazing staff. Clean environment. Everything runs like a well oiled machine."

- Casey W.

"Very informative about my problem .friendly staff nice facility couldn’t ask for more."

- Charles B.

"Great massage from Katie. She wll wear mask if you wish. The office is clean. I am hard to adjust and Dr Hill is gentle."

- Sharon B.

"Very professional while being 'a cool atmosphere'. I will never stop going!!!!! Extremely family oriented!!!"

- Linda C.

"Dr. Hill is very polite. Always listening to where the pain is coming from. He is very knowledgeable of us work."

- Janie J.

"I always feel so much better after seeing the Dr and the therapists. My pain level has diminished and my range of motion has greatly improved. I'm very pleased with my progress."

- Ruth Z.

"Love these guys... They work magic."

- Ronnie M.

"Down to earth and cares about his patients' well-being!"

- Brooke R.

"Very friendly and professional love the interaction in Diagnosing my back problems and helping me get back on the right track! The staff works as a team and I love that!!"

- Joseph D.


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